Many of us are fearful and frustrated following the results of the 2016 Election. We discussed with friends and family about how we can make a difference.

"Instead of buying each other holiday gifts this year, how about we give to charity?" 

We decided that this year, we'll give each other small gifts and donate the rest of our normal spending to progressive charitable causes.  We then realized that this is an idea that could be attractive to others and inspire them to do the same in their family and friends circle. 

There are many non-profit organizations that will face a loss of Federal funding or extremely strained budgets due to the amount of legal, communications, and outreach spending required to maintain the fight for progressive policies.


Half Holiday is not a charitable organization, and does not solicit donations.  We simply encourage others, as we have done, to consider giving half of their normal holiday spending to worthy charitable causes.  Donate to a progressive cause of your choosing and click PLEDGE to tell others!